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Welcome to our homestead Miniature Jersey cattle farm where we breed A2/A2 Miniature Jersey Cows.  We are excited about our herd of Mid-sized and Miniature Jersey cows, both those we own and the Miniature Jersey Cows we are purchasing this fall.   Our goal is to breed quality A2/A2 Small or Miniature Jersey cattle that have correct conformation, have well attached udders, are disease free and are healthy. Our cattle are grass fed year round and tested for the following diseases: TB, Brucellosis, Johnes, and BVD. In addition, they are DNA and A2 tested. Ideally our cattle will range between 40" and 45" tall, the height we find perfect for milking small  or Miniature Jerseys. If you are searching for family milk cows from an honest breeder, this is a great place to look.  Our cattle are registered with the AJCA , the Miniature Jersey Herd Book or the International Miniature Breeder Cattle Registry.  


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